Say Hello to a Good Buy is the 15th episode and Season 3 of The Cosby Show, also the 64th overall episode in the series. The episode was directed by Jay Sandrich and written by John Markus, Carmen Finestra, and Matt Williams. The episode originally aired in the United States on NBC on January 22, 1987.


Cliff buys a new car, but first has to deal with a very tough car salesman. Rudy cuts some animal pictures out of Cliff's expensive encyclopedias for school.

Plot summaryEdit

A thrifty Cliff pretends to be a man of meager means when he shops for a new car. But his attempt to hustle the salesman fails when a window shopper recognizes the disguised Cliff as Dr. Huxtable. Meanwhile, Rudy cuts pictures out of a book for a school project, unaware that she's destroying Cliff's prized encyclopedia collection.

Note: Guest appearances by Gilbert Gottfried and Sinbad.