Monster Man Huxtable is the 13th episode and Season 3 of The Cosby Show, also the 62nd overall in the series. The episode was directed by Jay Sandrich and written by Gary Kott. The episode originally aired in the United States on NBC on January 8, 1987.


Elvin helps Theo with some wrestling moves, although he and Sondra have made plans for the weekend, and reveals that he is thinking of marrying her.

Plot summaryEdit

Sondra and Elvin visit the family on their way to the theater, just as Theo "Monster Man" Huxtable practices for a big wrestling match. When Elvin volunteers to teach Theo some expert wrestling moves, he has to break it to Sondra that he won't be able to go to the theater with her. The family, thinking Elvin's decision will lead to one of Sondra and Elvin's infamous fights, is shocked when Sondra readily agrees that Elvin should do whatever he feels like doing.

Scenc quotesEdit

  • Theo: I just wish that I had a great big brother.
  • Elvin: Well, the way things are going between Sondra and I you just might end up with a great big brother-in-law.
  • Theo: Are you serious?
  • Elvin: Arrrr!

Note: Lisa Bonet and Phylicia Rashād both do not appear in this episode.