Bud kenny cosby show

Kenny talking to the Huxtable family.

Kenny is Rudy's childhood friend. He initually expresses a lot of sexist views, such as believing that a wife shouldn't have a job, should cook for him and be older than him so she can die before him. His statements frequently annoy Rudy, and she often proves him wrong. Most, if not all, of his misogynist views come from his older brother, the stereotypical lazy "loser."

As Kenny gets older, some of these attitudes gradually start to go away. In a later episode, he acknowledges that a lot of the things his brother says are inaccurate. By the last episode, he considers Theo more of a brother to him than his biological brother.


  • Kenny's older brother is never seen.
  • Kenny says he wants to marry Rudy until he realizes she won't cook for him.
  • Kenny is played by Deon Richmond.
  • Clair Huxtable despises Kenny.

He resembles Dulé Hill from the TV show Psych.

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