Golden Anniversary is the third episode and Season 3 of The Cosby Show, also the 52nd overall in the series. The episode was directed by Jay Sandrich and written by Carmen Finestra. The episode originally aired in the United States on NBC on October 9, 1986.


Russell (Earle Hyman) and Anna's (Clarice Taylor) 50th wedding anniversary. The family performs James Brown's "I Got the Feelin'".

Plot summaryEdit

The whole Huxtable family joins together to make Grandma and Grandpa Huxtable's 50th wedding anniversary a special evening. Cliff arranges for The Count Basie Orchestra, led by Frank Forster, to perform its famous "April in Paris" and his parents' favorite piece, "Shiny Stockings." The Huxtables perform another spirited lip-sync, as they did for the grandparents' 49th, this time to James Brown's "I Got the Feelin'."

Scene quotes Edit

  • Cliff: [Cliff's parents knock on the door] Who is it?
  • Anna Huxtable: Your mother.
  • Cliff: [Opening the door] Nah, it's some old people out there married 50 years!

  • Anna Huxtable: Oh we were awake.
  • Russell Huxtable: Way past midnight.
  • Cliff: Oh, got caught up on one of those old late night movies, didn't you?
  • Russell Huxtable: Nope.

D*Cliff: Is it, you were playing cards?

  • Anna Huxtable: No.
  • Cliff: Hold on, then were you reading?
  • Russell Huxtable: NO!
  • Cliff: Well, what were you doing?

[Slight pause Cliff and Clair realize what Cliff's parents were doing. Cliff and Russell walk to the dining room]

  • Anna Huxtable: Well now Anna, I want to know the truth. Can I expect the same from that one?
  • Anna Huxtable: Til the grave.