Cliff in Charge is the 12th episode and Season 3 of The Cosby Show, also the 61st overall in the series. The episode was directed by Jay Sandrich and written by Matt Williams. The episode originally aired in the United States on NBC on December 18, 1986.


Cliff is in charge of the house when Clair leaves for ten days when Clair is asked to help plan a celebration that honors the retiring president of Hillman College in Atlanta.

Plot summaryEdit

When Clair and her mother-in-law go to Hillman College to visit Denise, Cliff and his father, Russell, are left in charge of the kids. Russell is pleasantly surprised to see first-hand what a good father Cliff is. Needless to say, all does not go smoothly when Clair is away: Russell helps out when Theo has girl problems; Rudy has a spat with her "boyfriend" Kenny; the sidewalk outside the Huxtable home is in dire need of repair; and a tired Cliff is summoned to deliver two babies.

Scenc quotesEdit

(Cliff has been delivering a baby at the hospital all night and is preparing for a little nap on the couch)

  • Russell Huxtable: I think you should go upstairs to bed.
  • Cliff: No, I can't. Mrs. Roland is ready to deliver. Her labour pains are fifteen minutes apart and her husband's are seven minutes apart.

Note: This episode is Deon Richmond's first series appearance as Kenny or "Bud", Rudy's friend.