Cliff's 50 Birthday is the 20th episode and Season 3 of The Cosby Show, also the 69th overall episode in the series. The episode was directed by Carl Lauten and Reggie Life and written by Gary Kott. The episode originally aired in the United States on NBC on March 12, 1987.


Cliff's 50th birthday has all kinds of surprises. He finds out all the things that are older than him, get a key chain that works for everyone except him, and has a party with some special friends!

Plot summaryEdit

The Huxtable family and friends celebrate Cliff's 50th Birthday. Denise and Sondra come home from college to join the festivities and try to make Cliff feel young by pointing out things that are older than Dad. Clair throws a lavish dinner party for Cliff's 50th Birthday; but despite the happy occasion, she can't conceal her dislike for one of the guests - a friend of Cliff's who divorced a friend of hers.

Trivia Edit

Did You Know?Edit

The first person that Cliff names who he wants to attend his birthday party is "Harry Jefferson" who he used to play football at school with. Harry Jefferson is actually one of Bill Cosby's closest friends, they knew one another from the Marine Corps where they actually played football together on the Marine Corps team.

Scene quotesEdit

  • Sondra: Turning fifty is a monumental occasion in a man's life.
  • Cliff: Oh, Lord, who let this child in the house?

Note: Gates McFadden from Star Trek:TNG (credited as "Cheryl McFadden") guest stars.